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Eat Your Words Catering in Canberra was formed around a passion for food as part of life’s many celebrations.

Not only can enticing food make your senses sit up and take notice, but it is also the anchor for many festivities and life events. Our weddings, birthday parties and even funerals are often planned around a meal.

Our values

We strive to provide the very best in fresh, local produce.

We continually refresh and enhance our menu options and we regularly tailor our menus to the particular needs of every occasion because we want it to be just right. Catering needs to be flexible to your needs, especially in response to dietary requirements. That’s why we pride ourselves on devising menus to suit all types of functions, and all types of eaters.

Our reliability, tasty food and professional service has formed a reputation that often results in word of mouth referrals. We’re proud to have built long-term relationships with our customers and their guests through repeat bookings.

Whether you want breakfast catering, intimate dinners or colourful cocktail parties, we will always aim to provide the very best in produce, menu creation, service and professionalism.

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Meet Rikki.

Eat Your Words Catering's Rikki Churchill

Rikki started Eat Your Words Catering in 2007 after completing her chef apprenticeship. Rikki was the first part-time chef apprentice in the ACT, juggling her study and practical training with her career in the public service. Rikki created her business on the back of her passion for food and how it can make you feel. She loves to feed people and share in the delight of celebrations.

Rikki brings the right mix of personality to her catering functions. A qualified chef, she can wow you with her skills, while entertaining you with her infectious laugh. In more sensitive settings such as funerals, Rikki knows how to quietly impart her catering selections to make a difficult time a little easier.

When you try Eat Your Words Catering, Rikki will make all aspects of the catering decision-making simple and straightforward. All requests can be considered if given enough notice.

The team.

The team

Eat Your Words Catering can provide qualified staff to enhance your function. We only employ fellow ‘foodies’ with a focus on great service and professionalism.

Prepare to get hungry.

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